2021 Developer Survey Results

Attract and retain software developers by understanding what truly matters to them today. 

The monopolization of technical talent is happening, and it's making it difficult to find and retain the software development talent you need.  

You've probably experienced this firsthand,  or you wouldn't be here. We've experienced it too. 

You can't change the industry you're in. And you can't up-and-move to a trendy, up-and-coming city (cough cough Tesla). 

But luckily, there are some things you can do. Compensation, benefits, perks, culture--those are the things that you can change in order to build a great team. 

That's why we decided to survey software developers. We asked them to rank benefits, share why they left their last job, and more. 

We had just under 500 US-based developers take this survey and share what they most care about today. 

Our hope is that you and your company will listen to what they're saying and take it into consideration. 

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