Download the Guide to Progressive Web Apps

For product managers, business leaders, and app creators 

In a society that's become increasingly digital and reliant on the web, you're under constant pressure to design products that best serve your customers' needs (and wants) but also align with your company's goals.

If you're managing a product for your company, you've almost certainly heard about progressive web apps (PWAs). You may be considering whether they're right for your business.

But first, to make an informed decision about what type of app or website will best serve you, your team, and your customers, you need to learn more. In this guide, we’ll 

  • Define progressive web apps 
  • Discuss why PWAs aren’t everywhere...yet
  • The pros and cons of PWAs
  • Who should not use PWAs
  • How to make the transition 

We’ll also help you answer the big question: should you implement a PWA now, later, or never? 

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