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What's Inside

As a product manager, you get pulled in a lot of different directions as you aim to align all the teams involved in launching a product. You have to simultaneously think about the day-to-day and communicate with all the necessary parties while also looking ahead to ensure the long-term vision and strategy for the product are met. One morning you might have a retro with junior devs and the next, a presentation to the C-suite.

At Devetry, we know a thing or two about product management because we’ve built many products alongside many product managers.

Download the guide to learn about building the perfect roadmap, selling your roadmap and vision to stakeholders, and software development from an engineer’s perspective.

Sections include:

  • How to Plan and Build Your Product Roadmap
  • How to Sell Your Product Roadmap to Stakeholders
  • Computer Science for Product Managers
  • Product Management for Software Engineers

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